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  • Two years full-time employment at stable job
  • Age between 21 and 63 years
  • Aruban citizenship or minimum 5 working permit
  • Last 2 monthly pay slips (last 4 pay slips if paid bi-weekly)
  • Extract Census (Awg 5,-) not older than 3 months
  • Address Confirmation (Utility Bill – Setar, WEB, ELMAR) not older than 3 months
  • Valid I.D. (Issued by Aruban entity)
  • For joint loan, the same documents are applicable
  • The loan amount depends on different factors, including the income of the client and the purpose of the loan. Our loans start at AWG 2,500. Please contact us at 525-3400 or WhatsApp 594-2167 for more information.
  • The duration of a loan depends on the amount of the loan, together with other factors. The loans start at 12 months and can go up to 60 months
  • An application for a loan takes between 2-3 business days if every required document is in place.
  • Standing order through a local bank
  • Online Transfer
  • POS Payment at Rutena, Noord or Paradera branches
  • Cash Payment at Rutena, Noord or Paradera branches
  • Depending on the financial situation of the borrower, a request for a guarantor can be made to cover any additional risks run by Total Finance
  • Our branches at Rutena Mall, Noord and Paradera are open Monday through Friday nonstop from 8am to 5pm